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what to do in bonners ferry idaho

The Local Scoop

Bonners Ferry is a hidden gem of Northern Idaho. So much of what makes a retreat special are the experiences you have. The Local Scoop serves as a digital showcase of the plethora of enriching experiences available in the area and at Boulder Creek Retreat. From adventurous mountain biking to canoeing, locals can explore the immersive catalogue of adventure.

Things To Do In Bonners Ferry

Nestled in the northernmost part of Idaho, Bonners Ferry is a hidden gem surrounded by breathtaking natural beauty. From outdoor adventures to charming local attractions, there's something for everyone in this quaint town. The Kootenai National Wildlife Refuge Let's start with the great outdoors. If you're a nature enthusiast, you'll find yourself in paradise. The Kootenai National Wildlife Refuge is a haven for bird watchers and wildlife lovers. Spread over 2,774 acres, the refuge is home to a diverse range of species, including moose, deer, and various bird species. The auto tour route provides a convenient way to explore the refuge, offering stunning views of the Kootenai River and its surrounding wetlands. 9B Trail Network For those seeking more active outdoor pursuits, the 9B Trail network has plenty to offer for mountain biking, hiking, horseback riding, snowshoeing and more. Check out The Enchanted Forest right next to Boulder Creek to explore the 1100 acres of trails open for public use. Bonners Ferry is also known for incredible fishing on the Kootenai River and hunting in the Kaniksu National Forest. During the summer The Last Resort Outfitters and Guides offers several day trips out on the water for those looking to streamline the experience and focus on fishing. Boundary County Museum To delve into the town's history, pay a visit to the Boundary County Historical Society and Museum. Located conveniently downtown across from Wellness Tea Bar & Bistro, the museum offers a glimpse into Bonners Ferry's past. Exhibits showcase the early pioneers, the town's development, and its role in regional history. It's a fascinating journey through time that includes fascinating relics such as a preserved elk shot by a former president (which one?). Selkirk Loop Bonners Ferry is also known as the international gateway and has a visitor center for the Selkirk Loop. This scenic drive takes you through lush forests, alongside pristine lakes, and offers stunning views of the surrounding mountains. The famous, 280-mile loop crosses into Canada, providing a unique opportunity to experience the beauty of two countries in one journey, perfect for a day trip via car or motorcycle. Coffee, Bakery, Bistro, Gifts When it comes to coffee, Bonners Ferry doesn’t disappoint. Each shop has its own unique ambiance and locally roasted brews. Start your day with a visit to the chic and cozy Under the Sun Bistro and Gifts, situated in the heart of downtown and known for their delicious drinks and fun gifts. From unique handmade crafts to locally sourced goods, you'll find a variety of treasures to take home as souvenirs or gifts for loved ones. If later you’re looking for another pick-me-up and snack, 3 miles up the road you can find The Gathering Place Coffee & Bakery. The shop is founded by local Mennonites and offers a one stop shop for lunch, coffee, baked goods, as well as mennonite and amish specialty goods and furniture. During the summer you can also stop by their produce stand for fresh, local, home grown fruits and veggies. Whether you're an outdoor enthusiast, history buff, or simply looking for a tranquil escape, Bonners Ferry has something for everyone. With its picturesque landscapes and welcoming community, this hidden gem in Idaho is worth exploring for a memorable and rejuvenating getaway. This is only scratching the surface of what Bonners Ferry has to offer, click one of the categories below to explore what you can do this weekend in the beautiful hidden gem of Bonners Ferry, Idaho.

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